Cancellation Policy

  • Please note a guest will only receive a refund of the accommodation fees (booking fees are non refundable) if the cancellation is made more than 14 days prior to the check-in date. If the cancellation is within 30 days of the stay commencing then no refund will be given. 
  • Third Party commissions are non refundable.
  • THR are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event they are prevented from fulfilling your booking as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events (“Force Majeure”). We recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place to cover this. CANCELLATION CHARGE £30+
  • Failure to make payments 24 hours after a reminder will result in cancellation and loss of booking fees and additional admin costs. 
  • Please be aware there is an admin charge for moving the date your booking can only be moved 30 days prior to arrival and a booking can only be moved once, admin will charge £10 for moving a booking.