13th April 2024 Victorian Fancy Dress (optional)

1 2 or 3 course meal options. prices from £45-£75 per person

40 spaces available

Our murder mystery night is set around the history of Thompson Hall, while you wine and dine there is no telling if you are conversing with a murderer.  You will have the opportunity to question the suspects and come to a conclusion of who you think is guilty.

Everyone who solves the crime will go forward to a draw and there will be 3 prizes.

1st prize One night stay for 2 including Breakfast.

2nd Prize Brunch & Spa

3rd Prize Breakfast for 2.


Leek and potato Soup with croutons (V)

Mackerel pate with sour dough Crostini

Prawn Cocktail

Hummus & Pitta (V)


                                                                          Pies with puff pastry, Mash Potatoes & minted Peas

Steak & Mushroom

Chicken & Ham

Leek & Vegetable & pulses (V)



Bakewell Tart

Lemon Cheesecake

Avocado and Chocolate Mousse (vegan)

Please pre-select option and email to info@thompsonhallretreat.co.uk

                                                                                                                 THE DRAMA CONTINUED

Will Lady Walsingham be hung, what will happen next?????

In the 1800 William Tooke, esq. had significant impact on the Parish of Thompson because upon his arrival here he started purchasing more lands around the area and in a way putting the old manor of Thompson back together. It had been fragmented over the years by inheritance and sale. There was another family of importance holding lands here in the day, the de Grey’s. William and the de Grey’s despised one another, possibly this feud between the Tooke’s and de Grey’s is what prompted William to end up in Thompson and buy up all the land. At one point they challenge one another to a good old fashioned duel. The rest of the story will unfold during the evening.